Improve your health and achieve your goals with a shortcut.

Clean Green

Support your immune system easily! Ingredients like Matcha, Maca & Moringa are known for the high levels of vitamins and minerals.

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Clean Caffeine

Drink something better than coffee to boost your energy levels up to 8 hours. Guarana berries give you a steady and stable boost without a meltdown!

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Clean Protein

Maintain and build muscle. If you are an experienced athlete or just a beginner, we’ve got you covered. Our protein blend contains all the necessary amino acids.

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No Animal Cruelty


No animals have been used to bring these products to market.

Vegan Friendly


We are Vegan Friendly! Our products are made 100% out of plants.



Our products come from nature and haven’t been modified genetically in any way.  

Compostable packaging


Our packaging is made of corn, and totally 100% compostable! Do you have a compost heap?

How to use

Shake it..

into water, milk or any other kind of juice.

Sprinkle it..

on to your pasta or salad.

Blend it..

into your favourite smoothie, or bowl. 

Bake it..

into your homemade cookies, or any other baking recipe.

Boost your health and performance. 

At Natural Noah we care about health. Nutrition plays an important role to support your overall wellbeing and health. 

We’ve created our supplements from the most potent and nutritious resources on the planet. Our supplements are carefully crafted to boost your immunity, increase your energy levels, and grow muscle mass. All completely organic and vegan. Our product are 100% natural and we follow these principles:

  • No fillers (used as thickener)
  • No gum (used as thickener)
  • No artifical flavouring
  • No generic modification of ingredients.

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PROTEIN with the power of mushrooms

We have enhanced this Plant Protein Blend with mushrooms to add more antioxidants, vitamins & minerals which can increase your athletic performance. Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane & Cordyceps support and can improve performance and endurance.

Clean Protein+


Most clean protein supplement found in today’s market.

No chemicals, no artificial flavoring, only ingredients which come directly from nature. 

Brian S. (United Kingdom)

Clean Protein+


Perfect recovery supplement because of ratio carbs/protein.

This blend works perfectly for recovery after a workout! Due to the carbs and protein I feel recovery is short and strong. 

Wouter R. (The Netherlands)