All companies who are in the supplement/ powder business tend to add a measuring scoop to the product they sell.

We don’t add any scoop to our products because of environmental reasons and the facts that every customer has loads of scoops around the house!

Of course we understand we need to make clear how to use the spoons found in your kitchen to make sure you can use our product as intended.

We make use of tablespoons, and teaspoons. If you have no idea which is which, here you are:

Tablespoon vs. Teaspoon.

A tablespoon we use for dinner, it’s the bigger one as you can see. A tablespoon contains around 15 gram per scoop.

The smaller one is the teaspoon which contains around 4 grams per scoop.

Now let’s look at the serving sizes used in our products. Our protein blends come as one serving is 20 gram. Around 11 gram is protein.

One tablespoon is around 15 gram, so if we use a large scoop of one tablespoon we have around 20 grams!

One large tablespoon equals around 20 gram. You can also take two small scoops to measure around 20 grams of Clean Protein.

For our Clean Green and Clean Caffeine one serving size is around 5 gram. We use a teaspoon to measure this serving size.

One teaspoon is around 4-5 gram. A large scoop is 5 gram.

If you have any questions related to this post, please reach out!

We hope you understand we care more about the environment than we care for plastic custom made scoops, which are used for a short amount of time and than put into the bin!