Gift package Call of the Wild

For those who love and appreciate nature! Gift package of natural cosmetics for complete care. Olive Body Lotion is rich in cold-pressed olive and macadamia oils that de


Gift package The Little Hedgehogs House

Warm, nourishing notes throw us back to childhood, to safe and hidden corners. For those who like fine things. 🙂 The Little Hedgehogs House (Ježeva kućica) is one of t


Gift package Bumblebee flight

Energetic just like a bumblebee's flight, this gift package is ideal for those incorrigibly optimistic and cheerful people. Or for those who would not lack a little optimism


No Animal Cruelty

No animals have been used to bring these products to market.

Vegan Friendly


We are Vegan Friendly! Our products are made 100% out of plants! Plant powder baby!



Our products come from nature and haven't been modified genetically in any way.  

Compostable packaging


Our packaging is made of corn, and totally 100% compostable! Do you have a compost heap?