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Clean Green


Just 1 in 8 Europeans reaches the recommended daily intake of vegetables. Clean Green supports your immune system and overall well-being. Helping you in increasing your daily intake of important vitamins and minerals.


The Clean Caffeine is ideal to help you get your day started. It will give you energy up to 8 hours. It is a source of Omega 3, Omega 6, vitamin A, C, Potassium, Calcium and Iron. Use it as pre-workout boost or just to get yourself through a hard day of work. Although this supplement contains caffeine you won't experience any caffeine crash!


Superfood Blends

Clean Protein


Clean Protein is most clean post-workout protein in the market found today.

It contains all the necessary amino-acids. It is optional to add medicinal mushrooms which are known to enhance your performance.

Not a single chemical ingredient, and a great taste with only water.


Superfood Blends

Clean Bundle


Make new goals for your health. Support your body's immunity, muscles and energy levels. Reach your health, and athletic goals with a shortcut.

How to use

Shake it..

Into water, milk or any other kind of juice.

Sprinkle it..

on to your pasta or salade!

Blend it..

into your favourite smoothie, or bowl. 

Bake it..

Into your homemade cookies, or any other baking recipe.

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No Animal Cruelty


No animals have been used to bring these products to market.

Vegan Friendly


We are Vegan Friendly! Our products are made 100% out of plants! Plant powder baby!



Our products come from nature and haven't been modified genetically in any way.  

Compostable packaging


Our packaging is made of corn, and totally 100% compostable! Do you have a compost heap?

What our customer say

Our customers come from all over the world!

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Janine van de Essen
November 11, 2020
Neutrale smaak, goede ingredienten!

In de ochtend wel wat zwaar. Mix het graag door mijn smoothies.
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November 7, 2020
Top Natural & Healthy supplements for a bio hacking mid lifer like me :)
Reply from Natural Noah:
Thank you Jur, we believe that is Wim Hof, aka The Iceman! That's really cool.
Thanks again for shopping with us.
- Noah
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Peter Davies
November 7, 2020
It doesn't mix well with water. It's ok with milk but I mostly don't use that. Taste is ok, as promised not chemical.
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Maartje van Veen
November 2, 2020
Ik vind deze echt lekker smaken! Smaak is stukken beter dan andere mixes die ik gebruikt heb.
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Derk van Oosterhout
October 15, 2020
Inderdaad minder chemisch, je moet wel van de smaak houden. Mengt goed met melk, minder met water.
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Saskia Bilthoven
October 12, 2020
Erg handig om smoothies te verrijken! Smaak is prima maar in de ochtend soms wat zwaar op de maag.
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